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Test instrument

Relay protection tester

  Product introduction  

Relay protection tester in the original power "issued by the Ministry of the microcomputer relay protection test device technical conditions" on the basis of widely listened to the views of users, conscientiously sum up the experience in development  and  production of previous generations,  and  the newest modern digital technology, high precision electronic devices, computer systems  and  new lines, new development out. It can independently complete device testing in the field of computer protection, relay protection, excitation, metering, fault recording  and  other specialized fields,  and  is widely applied in the research, production  and  electrical test field of power, petrochemical, metallurgy, railway, aviation, military  and  other industries.


  Product characteristic  

1. Embedded host, equipped with large scale programmable logic device (CPLD)

The relay protection testing instrument with high speed  and  high performance embedded computer system equipped with CPLD, fast response speed, wide b and width, high density sine wave fitting 500 points per cycle of Jiboke, the output waveform is smooth, no harmonic component. Due to the large number of output points  and  the minimal distortion of the waveform through the precise filtering circuit, even for the harmonic output, even the 9 harmonic  and  450Hz can reach the high density of 55 points per week. The software has very strong man-machine dialogue  and  online help function, which can control any test parameters.

2. Single machine 8 D/A output at the same time

The 16 bit high precision DAC chip is used to ensure the high precision of the fitting wave  and  the good linearity. The GWJB-902 relay protection tester can output 8 analog signals at the same time, which can satisfy all directional testing of transformer protection, backup power supply  and  so on.

3. High precision linear power amplifier,  and  output 5 phase voltage  and  3 phase current simultaneously

The carefully designed voltage  and  current amplifier realizes the sharing of AC / DC,  and  the output level adopts unique high precision superlinear amplification technology. It has high accuracy  and  good reliability. At the same time, it outputs 5 phase AC voltage  and  3 phase AC current. The AC voltage output of each phase is as high as 130V  and  70VA,  and  the AC current is all output  and  up to 90A. The output of DC voltage can reach 300V  and  130VA.

4. Large screen LCD, complete interface, integrated single machine box structure of host computer

This type of relay protection tester adopts a 640 x 480 dot matrix 8 'large screen high resolution graphic LCD screen,  and  the operation interface  and  test results are all Chinese, showing intuitive  and  clear. The whole operation process is done through 23 buttons on the panel. All the interfaces are displayed in Chinese  and  are set on the display. The 23 keys of the panel are beautiful, extremely humanized, simple  and  convenient to operate,  and  do not require computer knowledge, so they are easy to master.

The device can be operated with a keyboard  and  an external keyboard. It also provides 2 USB ports  and  2 RS232 ports, which can communicate with the external computer  and  other devices. Only need to exchange 220V power supply  and  start working. It is convenient to carry  and  is very suitable for the flow test  and  field work.

5. Auxiliary DC source (selection)

This type of relay protection tester can be equipped with independent two sets of DC power supply, a group of 110VDC/1.0A,  and  another group of 220VDC/0.6A, which are automatically output at the same time. It can be used to protect the power supply without setting up  and  adjusting software.

6. Intelligent self protection

The latest design of the heat dissipation structure to ensure the best ventilation. At the same time, it can also judge the safety phenomenon of the device itself, such as over current, overpressure, overload, short circuit, high temperature  and  data abnormality. Even if the operation is wrong, it will not damage the device. In addition, when the danger signal, such as the external voltage, enters the tester through the terminal, the alarm indicator light is reddened  and  the power amplifier is automatically cut off.

7. Rich in connection  and  powerful in software

This type of relay tester has eight switch input (A B C R a B C R)  and  4 circuit switch output. The input connection is compatible with the space contact  and  the 0-250V potential contact, which can be intelligently identified. The device is operated by a large screen LCD screen with 23 keys on the panel. All the interfaces are displayed in Chinese. It is able to complete the verification of most of the tests in the field. It is also convenient to complete the protection test of foreign manufacturers such as ABB, Siemens, AREVA  and  so on.

The device can be operated vertically  and  horizontally,  and  can be operated offline or externally connected to PC. The test results can be automatically sorted  and  recorded into test reports for inspection, or U disk can be directly saved  and  sent to external PC machine for editing, printing  and  so on. The software upgrade is simple  and  fast, directly through the U disk upgrade or the external PC machine, without changing any hardware.

The function of software aided calculation is powerful. It can automatically calculate positive, negative  and  zero sequence voltage  and  current, one or two side active power, reactive power  and  power factor.

Main rated parameter




最大電流允許工作時間 <10s
精    度<±0.2%
精    度<±0.2%



精    度<±0.2%
精    度<±0.2%



Other rated parameter

相位誤差<±0. 2°


機箱尺寸:長×寬×高360mm ×195mm ×375mm



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