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Test instrument

Zinc Oxide lightning arrester tester

  Product introduction  

Zinc Oxide arrester field tester is used to detect internal defects in 10kV power system with gapless arrester Zinc Oxide MOA electric valve bad contact, according to the provisions of the "14.2" preventive test code for electric power equipment DL/T596-1996, power plant, substation every year during the rainy season should do Lei 1mA direct current voltage of metal oxide arrester before  and  when necessary (U1mA) detection  and  0.75 U1mA leakage current.


  Product characteristic  

1. Temperature measurement: the temperature of the environment is automatically induced  and  the result of the test is recorded.

2. Remote control test: remote control through remote control, so that the test is more safe, convenient  and  quick.

3. Internal power supply: can use AC220V alternating current, also can be powered by the built-in charging battery.

4. Easy to use: the Chinese menu operation, the measurement data display intuitionistic, the paper change paper printer is convenient to change paper before the built-in,  and  the printing speed is fast.

5. Accurate measurement: full digital processing, built in precision mathematical model, high precision,  and  good repeatability of the test results.

6. It is convenient to carry: the height, volume  and  weight are only 30% to 70% of the same kind of products,  and  it is convenient to carry.

7. The function is complete: measurement, display, clock, temperature, result print one step.

  Product parameter  

1. Measurement range: voltage: 0 ~ 30kV current: 0~1000 mu A

2. Resolution: current: 0.5 mu A voltage: 0.1 kV

3. The charging time of the built-in power supply: 2-3 hours

Built in 4, the power of time: 4 hours

5. Remote control effective distance: 100M

6.Ambient temperature: -10 C ~ 50 C

7. Relative humidity: 25 degrees less than  or  equal to 85%

8. Altitude: < 1000M

9. Power supply voltage: 220V ± 10%

10. Power frequency: 50 ± 1Hz

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