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  Full name of Chinese  

The rated voltage 1.8/3kV is non compacted, circular twisted aluminum conductor, two step silane cross linked polyethylene insulated copper strip, single-phase shielded Black PVC sheath circular conductor, allowing long-term working temperature of 90 C, low voltage power cable technology meets GB/T 12706.1-2008 specification requirements. 

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Code description

Entry nameCodeCode description
Insulating materialYJCrosslinked polyethylene
Conductor materialLaluminum
Single-phase shielding materialP2Copper strip
Inner shield / sheath materialVPolyvinyl chloride
Appearance shapeYCircular
Temperature tolerance grade90The conductor has long allowed the maximum working temperature to be 90 degrees centigrade
Type of conductorBTwisted conductor
Conductor type1Noncompacting circular type
Rated voltage1.8/3kVRated voltage 1.8/3kV
Outer skin coloringBKBlack
Crosslinking methodST2Two step method of silane crosslinking
Standard of executionGB/T 12706.1-2008GB/T 12706.1-2008 standard

  Scope of application  


This product is suitable for AC 50Hz, the rated voltage 1.8/3kV of the line (the system maximum voltage 3.6kV) power line transmission power


In the metallurgical, electric power, construction and other industries, indoor, cable trenches, pipes, directly buried fixed purposes.

  Product feature  

This product has a wide range of raw materials and low price. It is easy to be processed and manufactured. The product adopts XLPE insulation, compared with PVC insulated cable, its insulation performance is good, conductor working temperature is high, up to 90 degrees, and it can keep running in a fire for a certain time.

  Conforming to standard  

Medium cable code number

ZL29TM002647.1-2012【YJLV-(B) 1.8/3kV】

Standard of execution

GB/T 12706.1-2008 Rated voltage 1kV(Um=1.2kV)到3kV(Um=3.6kV)

Additional standard

  Use characteristic  

Rated voltage

The rated voltage of the power frequency exchange is 1.8/3kV, and the maximum voltage of the AC system should not be more than 3.6kV.

Working temperature

The maximum working temperature of the cable conductor is 90 C for a long time, and the maximum temperature of the cable conductor is not more than 250 C when short circuit is short, and the duration of the cable is not more than 5S.

Ambient temperature

The minimum working environment temperature is -10 CLaying temperature

Laying temperature

The temperature should not be less than 0 degrees centigrade when installing and laying.

Bending radius

the bending radius of single core cable is not more than 15D, and the bending radius of multi core cable does not exceed 12D.

Delivery and allowance Length error

The measurement error of the delivery length is 0.5%.

  Delivery and allowance  

Delivery length

The cable whose weight is less than 80kg can be packed in a circle, and the delivery length of its short cable shall not exceed 5% of the total delivery length, or it can be delivered on the basis of any length of cable between the two sides.

  Packing, transportation and storage  


Coiling or disk - forming cables should be wrapped properly and properly packed. The cable tray shall be in accordance with the provisions of JB/T 8137-1999. The cable end should be sealed, the cable ends extend out of the outer protective cover should be added, length of less than 300mm. The cable packaging should be labeled with labels: the name, type, specification, rated voltage, length, quality, manufacturing date, standard number or certification mark, and the correct rotation direction of cable tray.


General use of transport vehicles and ships, transport must be securely fixed to avoid cable, collision or tipping of the cable or disk damage. The cable tray is not allowed to be flat. It is strictly prohibited to throw cable disks from high places in transportation.


The finished cable should be stored in the environment between 0~40 degrees of temperature and under 85% humidity, so that we should not be exposed to the sun and be caught in the rain. We should ventilate appropriately and keep the environment dry. The cable is stored and used in accordance with the requirements above, and it can be used for more than 25 years.

  Order note  

Cable should indicate the correct order type, size, length, date of delivery, packing and other necessary information, for example: model: YJLV- (B) 1.8/3kV specification: 3 * 25 length: 1000m packing: packing delivery date: Sunday iron plate effective mode of transport: train transportation, automobile, ship or aircraft delivery location: the warehouse or the site or from mentioning note: means of transport and delivery by the designated.

  Installation instruction  

When installed, the ambient temperature shall be not less than 0 DEG C, if the thermometer test environment temperature lower than 0 DEG C, should be preheated to the cable and then ready to install; should strictly control the bending radius of cable in the process of single core cable bending radius of not more than 20D, multi core cable bending radius of not more than 15D, in order to avoid internal the mechanical damage of cable (D cable diameter).

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