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Box type transformer

  YB box type substation (European box change) description  

The YB box type substation meets the standards of GB17467-1998 "high voltage pre installed substation" and IEC1330. Small unattended substations, which are mainly under 2000KVA and below, are suitable for urban industrial substations, 10KV switching stations, ring network systems, 35KV substations, etc., which are 35KV and below.

The YB box transformer substation, also known as the European box transformer, is composed of four parts: the high voltage switchgear, the low voltage distribution panel, the distribution transformer and the outer shell. As a new type of power supply and distribution device, it has many advantages over the traditional civil substation. Because of its small volume, small footprint, compact structure and convenient relocation, it greatly shortens the cycle and area of capital construction, and also reduces the cost of capital construction. At the same time, the power supply box type substation installation is simple, rapid, easy maintenance, no person on duty, especially it can load center, to improve the quality of power supply to reduce power loss and enhance the reliability of power supply is very important for reconstruction of distribution network. The box changes the power transformation, distribution, transmission, measurement, compensation, system control, protection and communication functions.


  Model meaning  

Y B - - - / - racy

Low voltage primary scheme number

High voltage primary scheme number

Voltage level (KV)

Transformer capacity (KVA)

Permutation structure

transformer substation


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