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Low voltage switch cabinet

GCS series of indoor AC low voltage extractable switch cabinet


GCS series indoor AC low-voltage switch cabinet is three-phase AC 50Hz (60Hz), rated voltage of 380V (660V), rated current 4000A and below the power generation, power supply system, power supply, electric motor can be centralized control facilities and reactors, limiting the use of reactive power compensation of low voltage power distribution equipment. It is suitable for power plants, petrochemicals, metallurgy, textile, high-rise buildings, power supply and other industries. In large power plants, petrochemical industry and other places with high automation, there are interfaces between switch cabinets and computers for centralized control.



1, The main frame uses 8MF open steel, and there are 20mm and 100mm and 9.2mm installation holes on both sides of the steel.

2, the main frame is two kinds, the full composite structure and the part (side frame and beam) welded structure;

3, The function of the device is separated by the grid. The compartment is divided into functional unit room, bus room and cable room, and the functional unit rooms are relatively independent.

4, The horizontal busbar adopts the layout of the flat or top arrangement after the cabinet, in order to enhance the ability of the busbar to resist the short-circuit current.

5, The cable spacing adopts the way up and down in and out.

6, A drawer is a functional unit.

7, The drawer size is 1/2 unit, one unit, two unit, three unit, four size series, the circuit rated current is less than 400A.

8, The change of the size of the drawer is only a high change, and the size of its width and depth can not be changed at will, and the drawer of the same functional unit can be interchanged.

9, Each unit is equipped with a maximum of 22 1/2 unit drawers.

10, The drawers import and export line according to the size of the current, the number of different pieces of the same standard structure of the connector;

11, 1/2 unit drawers and the cable room are transferred by the back plate type connecting parts.

12, The transfer of the unit drawer and the cable room adopts the different specifications of the rod type structure switch according to the current division.

13, The drawer unit has obvious signs of dividing, closing, testing and pumping out.

14, The drawer unit is equipped with a reliable mechanism linkage.

Main parameter

Main rated voltageV380(660)
Rated voltage of auxiliary circuitV~220,~380;-110,-220
Rated frequencyHz50(60)
Rated insulation voltageV600(1000)
Rated currentA

Horizontal busbar≤4000

Vertical busbar 1000

Busbar short-time tolerable currentkA/1s50,80
Rated peak current of busbarkA/1s105,175
Power frequency test voltageV/1min

Main circuit:2500

Auxiliary circuit:1760

Appearance diagram


GCS shape size(mm)

  Order demand for indoor switch cabinet   

1、The standard for the user's order:

a、Product name, type, scheme, quantity;

b、The main circuit scheme and the coaching circuit scheme number;

c、The combination sequence diagram of the main circuit system;

d、List of components in the cabinet;

e、Electrical schematic diagram of auxiliary circuit;

f、The layout of the cabinet;

g、The layout of the equipment;

h、Voltage, current and other tuning parameters in the circuit.

2、The switch cabinet should be put forward at the time of order when it is used in special environmental conditions.

3、If the user has special requirements, please consult with us to solve it.

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