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Mechanical and electrical engineering total contract

  Encompassing of mechanical and electrical installation project  

>  At present, the industry and the academic community cover the installation project within the construction project, which is the concept of large buildings. In engineering practice, "installation" is a concept of "large installation". It includes all kinds of installations in industry, public and civil engineering, electrical, water supply and drainage, HVAC, fire control, communication and automatic control system installation.

>  The mechanical and electrical installation involves a wide range of disciplines and a wide range of disciplines. The installation of mechanical and electrical engineering covers mechanical equipment engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, automation engineering, intelligent building engineering, fire engineering, elevator engineering, pipeline engineering, power station, ventilation and air conditioning and clean Engineering, environmental engineering, non-standard equipment manufacturing and equipment supervision, the construction activities start from equipment procurement after installation, commissioning, production, operation, in various stages of completion and acceptance, until the use function or to produce qualified products to meet the needs.

>  We can find you in Chinese Electromechanical of a set of    design, procurement, construction, project management, project contractor   five comprehensive professional installation engineering project contractor, this is our unique advantages than competitors also found Zhaoyang power EPC you have a unique advantage.

  We are a contractor with extensive and rich experience in mechanical and electrical installation projects.  

  We are a customer centered EPC company, which is engaged in flexible business.  

  We are committed to providing a variety of services for the different needs of each customer.    

>  You may wish to get our professional design service when the project is given to us. Maybe you just want to hand over the design tasks to us, or you just want to hand over some of the design tasks to us, or even just need experienced partners who can provide design consulting services. These services are in our flexible business scope.

>  We offer all kinds of services to all kinds of customers in various ways. We also provide design support services for many large multinational companies, no matter how they cooperate. Zhaoyang electric power has a wide range of specialties such as building, water supply and drainage, HVAC, electric and so on. It provides the design for you independently in the fields we are good at.

>  In the course of the development of the company, we have always maintained a construction team has been stable, comprehensive, continuous accumulation of work experience, including a variety of welders, plumbers, electricians and so on. In the implementation of the project for many years, all the needs and possible types of work have been needed, and we have maintained the corresponding managers and workers. This has always been the continuation of our experience, and has always maintained an efficient and responsible work style. It has always insisted on providing professional services for investors of different scales in different industries. We summarize the experience of the project, avoid the mistakes and accidents in the construction, and can accurately estimate and adjust the total cost. Relying on the high level design and purchasing business of Zhaoyang electric power, we can provide the quality and low price that you can't enjoy elsewhere. Our construction team has completed various construction tasks in different fields of different sizes. We can provide professional service from the debugging and installation of single piece equipment to factory construction and assembly line.

  Construction management  

>  The construction management team of Zhaoyang electric power works for you to coordinate construction activities on site, follow up construction plan, supervise engineering quality, ensure safety, quality and duration of construction, ensure that design intentions are effectively implemented.

  Equipment construction  

>  Zhaoyang electric power equipment construction team completes the installation and commissioning of various sub items, such as equipment and piping, ensuring that the production line can run safely and reliably, and make full completion data for maintenance.

>  Zhaoyang electric power is not only a simple advocate of health, safety and environmental protection. We are deeply aware that solving these problems is the key to the continuous and stable development of our cause. Our construction has always taken into account the occupational disease protection and safety of the staff and workers, and is committed to the healthy and sustained work of the workers and the record of the zero accident. We understand the laws and regulations of the country on environmental protection, and we are deeply aware that environmental protection is our social responsibility. Under the guidance of a complete management system, we will provide you with zero accident, safety and environmental protection construction project service. Zhaoyang's outstanding security strategy not only protects life, but also protects customer investment, improves production efficiency and reduces engineering costs.