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Liability for warranty of quality



Under the warranty scope and content of the project, our company will send a warranty within 7 days after receiving the warranty notice.

emergency repair accident, our company, after receiving the accident notice, will immediately arrive at the scene of the accident repair.

After the quality warranty is finished, it will be accepted by your organization.

The warranty period is 2 years from the date of acceptance of the completion of the project.



In the process of engineering construction, we must ensure the quality, safety and environment protection in accordance with the principles of construction organization undertaken by the bidding documents and the relevant management measures and operation rules formulated by the owners. The construction plan should be arranged reasonably and effective measures are taken to ensure the realization of the total time limit.



After the completion of the completion of the project, our company will supervise the use of the quality and function of the project after the return visit system. Our company strictly implements the provisions of the Municipal Construction Commission on warranty and repair, initiates signing the warranty contract with the construction unit, issuing the warranty service card, and implements the three announcement to ensure that the customers can timely reflect the engineering situation to us. Since the completion and acceptance of the project, we have set up the idea of "customer is God" and "user first". We must carry out thorough service in strict accordance with the warranty period stipulated by the state.

After half a year

A year after


After half a year's inspection, the project will conduct the first return visit to understand the problems in the aspects of quality and engineering application, and record it, and organize the related personnel to repair and deal with it until all the repair is completed.

A year after the completion of the project, the second visits will be made to understand the customer's opinions and suggestions on the project, and give a reply in the short term to make the customer satisfied. Each return visit should be set up to return to the record, so as to consider the new refurbishment plan and solve the existing problems in time. After the warranty period, the establishment of user hotline in the company, timely answers to users and solve the user study enthusiasm difficult call.